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How Professional Headshots Have Changed

Headshots are used for an array of purposes. From corporate brochures, professional portfolios and websites through to social media profiles having a professionally photographed image is vital in today’s world. 

The traditional headshot of a person in front of a white background is fast disappearing, with people looking to stand out and inject something different into their headshot we are now seeing an increase in the introductions of coloured backgrounds and also landscape backgrounds such as cityscapes and parkland locations. 

These days most people require a variety of headshots. I see requests for a standard “traditional” shot coupled with requests for additional, more relaxed shots. These shots all require different backgrounds and portray a different feel. Whist the standard headshot portrays a professional image, the more relaxed images can show a different side to your visual brand and give a more rounded impression of yourself or your company.

As any professional photographer will tell you proper lighting is essential to getting the best possible headshot.  you’ll want to either have natural light from windows on multiple ends of the room, or a professional lighting setup. The City studio at Photogenia has a rooftop terrace which provides the perfect setting for more relaxed shots with a different lighting mix. We are also located close to Anzac Square meaning that you have the opportunity to get both styles of headshot in a single location.

Headshots taken in studio

Headshots taken in Anzac square

We are also happy to travel to your workplace or a location of your choice to give a different feel to your headshots or to provide office or group shorts to compliment your professional headshots.

At Photogenia we pride ourselves on putting people at ease on a shoot. For many people photographing a headshot can seem like a daunting prospect. Having to pose for the camera, is an intense environment. People are generally very critical of themselves in photographs, and feel nervous. At Photogenia we ensure that from the moment you book in for a session until you leave the studio you are as calm and relaxed as possible. As you will see from our reviews our clients feel relaxed and comfortable during photoshoots which enables us to get the best result.

Overall I believe we provide a good product: quality images, comfortable photoshoots, responsiveness…

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